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Muscle Fuel Nutrition



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Find yourself needing a little extra "juice" during your workouts or daily routine?

Unlock your full potential with MF JUICED, the ultimate amino acid supplement!

This powerful amino acid supplement provides essential nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery. Experience increased energy, improved muscle recovery, and enhanced performance in all aspects of your life. No fluff, no fillers, and no added colors or dyes. So say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a healthier, stronger you!

  • EEAs: Packed with over 5g of essential amino acids to help build vital proteins in the body used to create tissues, organs and muscles!
  • BCAAs: Scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio to optimize protein synthesis, enhance metabolic and immune functions, prolong endurance, and enhance performance!
  • GLUTAMINE: Speeds up muscle recovery after intense moments of exercise and full work outs!
  • ELECTROLYTES: Regulate nerve and muscle function, and hydrate the body.
  • 3-in-1: With everything you need to rebuild, repair, and trigger lean muscle growth, JUICED is an all in one answer for everyday.
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