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Muscle Fuel Nutrition



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Now available in a 3-pack!

Do you often think of how good it felt the first time you tried pre-workout?

We remember our first time taking pre-workout too, and it was amazing!

We wanted to recapture that feeling and that’s what this pre-workout is all about. Without the crash, or the overstimulated feeling - perfect for all who are seeking a well balanced, powerful MF YOKED work out with energy, focus, strength and pump.

  • 3,600MG BETA-ALANINE: That famous pre-workout tingle - in just the right amount to maximize your pump!
  • 6,000MG L-CITRULLINE: Helps your blood flow and improves your cardiac function so your workouts can go long and strong!
  • 300MG CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS: Boosts your energy and improves your athletic performance!
  • 600MG L-TYROSINE: Increases dopamine production, so you are always YOKED in the gym!
  • 1,500MG BETAINE ANHYDROUS: Helps improves your hydration, your power, and your pump!
  • 10MG HUPERZINE A: This incredibly beneficial nootropic not only helps improve memory recall but stimulates laser-like focus!

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